India Tissues & Wipes Market 2016 Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2021

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India tissue and wipes products market is one of the growing categories in hygiene industry of the country. Tissue paper market is segmented mainly into paper napkins, toilet papers, facial tissues and other tissue based products. Wipes market mainly comprises in two categories such as personal care wipes that includes baby wipes, facial wipes, cosmetic wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, feminine wipes, intimate wipes, etc and household cleaning wipes that contains kitchen wipes, kitchen wipes, glass surface cleaning wipes, bathroom wipes, food service wipes, automotive care wipes. The report covers the detailed insights of the tissues and wipes products market in the Indian market. The report covers the Indian tissues & wipes market in a detailed segmental analysis with the value analysis. The report also covers the leading companies that are involved in the manufacturing of the various tissues and wipes products. The different brands and companies involved in the organized tissues and wipes market in India are also analyzed in this report. The report also gives an idea on the product variant pricing analysis of each of the product available in the tissues and wipes market.

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Tissues & wipes products have seen a tremendous growth in the recent years in India. The basic factors driving the demand for tissues and wipes include rapid urbanization, growing middle class people, rising awareness of health and hygiene and the increasing availability of convenient hygiene products. India tissue market grew with a CAGR of about 8.05% in the period of five years from 2010 to 2015, whereas wipes market has showcased the CAGR of 15.21% during the same analysis period. In the current scenario, paper napkin segment is generating the largest revenue within tissue paper market. Institutional consumers are contributing for the majority of sales of tissue papers in India. In the wipes market, baby wipes products have shown immense growth, while personal hygiene wipes such as facial wipes, feminine wipes, etc are at early stage.
According to “India Tissues & Wipes Market Outlook, 2021”, tissue paper market receives the maximum demand from institutional consumers such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. Wipes are also offered in conference and business culture in metro cities. Few international companies are present in the Indian market and making efforts to develop the market. Domestic companies are also moving in these lucrative categories, which are also getting competition from private label brands. As people are shifting more towards the hygiene side, existing players are offering and promoting the products on the basis of hygiene. Manufacturers are promoting these products by celebrity endorsements by employing various promotional activities to make the consumers aware about the new wipes and tissue products and variants. Premier Tissues India Limited, Bella India Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Beeta Machines Pvt. Ltd., Origami Cellulo Private Limited, SCA Hygiene Products India Private Limitedetc are the major companies operating Indian tissue market. The companies like Johnson & Johnson, Unicharm India, Pigeon India Pvt. Ltd., and The Himalaya Drug Company are controlling the baby wipes market, while Limited Ginni Filaments Limited and Future Consumer Enterprises are the leading players in personal hygiene wipes.
“India Tissues & Wipes Market Outlook, 2021” discusses the following aspects of tissues and wipes products in India:
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The report gives an in-depth understanding of tissues and wipes market in India
– To identify the on-going trends and anticipated growth in the next five years
– To anticipate the market size in 2021 and the growth rate by then
– The ongoing market trends
– The key vendors in this market space
– The market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors
– India Tissue Paper Market Size, Share & Forecast
– India Organized Tissue Paper Market Size, Share & Forecast
– India Unorganized Tissue Paper Market Size & Forecast
– India Tissues Segmental Analysis – By Brand, By Type, By End User
– Product, Price and Variant Analysis of Paper Napkin, Toilet Roll, Face Tissue, Pocket Hanky Tissues
– India Wipes Market Size & Forecast
– India Wet Wipes Market Size & Forecast
– India Dry Wipes Market Size & Forecast
– India Personal Care Wipes Market Size & Forecast
– India Baby Wipes Market Size, Share & Forecast
– India Personal Hygiene Wipes Market Size, Share & Forecast
– India Household Cleaning Wipes Market Size & Forecast
– India Wipes Segmental Analysis – By Brand, By Segment, By Type, By End User
– Product, Price and Variant Analysis of Baby Wipes, Facial Wipes, Hand Sanitizing Wipes, Make-up Removal Wipes
– Changing Market Trends & Emerging Opportunities
– Competitive Landscape & Strategic Recommendations
This report can be useful to Industry consultants, manufacturers and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.
Report Methodology 
The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary research. Primary research included interviews with tissues and wipes market suppliers and channel partners in India. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like company annual reports, financial reports and proprietary databases.
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Key points in table of content

1. Research Methodology
2. Executive Summary
3. Global Tissue & Wipes Paper Market Outlook
4. India Tissue Paper Market Outlook 

4.1. Market Size By Value
4.1.1. Overall Market
4.1.2. Organized Tissue Paper Market
4.1.3. Unorganized Tissue Paper Market
4.2. Market Share
4.2.1. By Brand
4.2.2. By Type
4.2.3. By End User
4.3. Tissue Paper Manufacturing Process
4.4. Product, Variant & Pricing Analysis
4.5. Raw Material Analysis
5. India Wipes Market Outlook 
5.1. Market Size By Value
5.1.1. Overall Market
5.1.2. India Wet Wipes Market
5.1.3. India Dry Wipes Market
5.2. India Personal Care Wipes Market Outlook
5.2.1. India Baby Wipes Market Market Size By Value Market Share By Brand
5.2.2. India Personal Hygiene Wipes Market Market Size By Value Market Share By Brand
5.3. India Household Cleaning Wipes Market Outlook
5.4. Product, Variant & Pricing Analysis
5.5. Raw Material Analysis
6. India Economic Profile – 2014
7. Channel Partner Analysis
8. PEST Analysis
9. Trade Dynamics 

9.1. Import
9.2. Export
10. Market Dynamics 
10.1. Key Drivers
10.2. Key Challenges
11. Market Trends & Developments 
11.1. Rising Importance of health & hygiene
11.2. Manufacturers’ focus on brand strengthening
11.3. Innovation, advertizing & promotional activities
11.4. Increasing private labels enhances the competition
11.5. Modern retail & e-commerce portals remain key distribution channel
12. Competitive Landscape 
12.1. Porters Five Forces Analysis
12.2. Company Profiles
12.2.1. Tissue Paper Manufacturing Companies Bella India Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Beeta Machines Pvt. Ltd. Origami Cellulo Private Limited Premier Tissues India Limited SCA Hygiene Products India Private Limited
12.2.2. Wipes Manufacturing Companies Future Consumer Enterprises Limited Ginni Filaments Limited Johnson & Johnson Pvt. Ltd. Pigeon India Pvt. Ltd. The Himalaya Drug Company Unicharm India Private Limited
13. Strategic Recommendations